“It’s not that we stop playing when we grow older. It’s that we grow older when we stopped playing.”
George Bernard Shaw


Radical Initiation

"Stepping Out of the Matrix"

Program Duration : 7-Days

Investment : $100 FREE

Take the first steps to radically (fundamentally) change your life with this 7-Day Initiation program. It will consist of 20-30 minutes of video lessons, and a little bit of homework. Within this 7-day period, you are going to feel the beginnings of the transformations of your life. We’ll start to bring the unconscious and the subconscious into the conscious. We are going to start to find out where trauma lies in the body and how that affects the decision making that we make today. We’re going to notice what our habit patterns are, what our negative belief systems are, and we’re going to start to reprogram and re-imprint them with more positive supporting belief systems. This is the fundamental starting point for the journey of the rest of your life. And this 7-day program is an invitation to you to join me for free.

The Core program

Radical Mastery Method

"30 Years In 30 Days"

Program Duration : 30-Days

Investment : $1997 NOW $997

The 30 Years in 30 Days is a follow up program which is really where the transformation that you’ll start to taste and experience in the 7-day program will be cemented for the rest of your life. It will give you the tools and the framework to pull back on any point that you need them. These will start to become second nature things to you, the way you communicate with others. The simple art of listening is something that’s been lost. You’re going to reawaken the quality of curiosity in yourself for yourself and for others. And you’re going to be able to sit with somebody and listen and be present with them in a way that you’ve never experienced before. This 30-day program is really designed to help you work through your trauma, to help you reprogram your nervous system, to help you deal with your emotional body, how to learn how to let your emotions out in a healthy way, how to relieve the strains and the stresses and the aches that you currently carry which is your trauma body, and to let them go. I’m going to give you practices that you can do every morning in the space of 5 minutes that is going to set you up to have amazing beautiful day. I’m going to give you practices that will stop your mind repetitively thinking and allow you to connect deeply with your body.

I am continually growing. I am continually using these tools in all my relationships all the time, to go deeper, to grow bigger, to feel freer, to become more healthy. I’m fitter and more healthy now than I was 15 years ago. And yeah, I love it. This is about you falling in love with your life once again in a way that, maybe you forgotten what’s possible, maybe you didn’t even know it was possible, or maybe you knew it and just forgot it. Whatever the reason is, sign up right now for the 7-day program. Take the first steps, and then the other things, when you come to the end of the program you can make your decision later. There’s an absolute pathway and framework to support you all the way to wherever you want to be.

Thank you for joining me. Let’s do this together. Sign up below. I’ll see you soon.


Deep Transformational Change

"1-on-1 with Cyrus"

Coaching Duration : 90 minutes

Investment : $600 / 4-sessions

*limited coaching opportunity


What you'll be learning has the power to impact others' lives in a meaningful way.

Masterclass Community

Once a month I run a masterclass, and this masterclass is run online where everybody is present and myself and possibly a guest speaker will be talking about a particular subject. And we’ll go very deeply into the subject, excavating whatever it particularly is, be it on trauma or something else. And there may be the opportunity for volunteers from the group to join in some of the practices and processes if they feel safe to do so, so that you can have a real time experience of what it feels like to go through this process, and also if you’re not in the process you can witness somebody else. And these masterclasses are open to everybody who’s been through one of my programs. And the purpose is for you to feel like once a month at least, even if you’ve been out of the program for a while, you can connect with the community still. I look forward to seeing you in the next workshop once you’ve completed your programs.

Facilitator Training & Certification​

The Radical Mastery Facilitator Training & Certification program is for those who feel called to do the work of impacting others’ lives using the foundational tools and principles of the Radical Mastery Method. Please get in touch with me if you are interested.


Radical Mastery method is really a process that will strip away all the conscious and subconscious belief systems that you have about how you should be in this life, and allow you to rewrite and reprogram your unconscious and your subconscious and your conscious mind to actually take you to where you want to be in life. So, firstly, the feeling of freedom comes from having all those parts of your being aligned and moving in the same direction. Which will allow you to be much more authentically who you are. Be you an introvert, be you an extrovert, be you artistic and creative, or be you very logical and scientific, it doesn’t matter. What I’m trying to communicate to you is that you are a unique being, and absolute unique being that’s made up of the parts that we’re all made up of, but the components make you completely and utterly unique. And it’s time for you to stop trying to find out how to be, and to free your inner being to express itself fully. And this will happen in a very very quick way. It’s not a lifetime journey. In a matter of months of working together, you will find yourself starting to let out all of the thoughts that you hold within for fear of them being judged or for them not being right or not acceptable. You’ll be able to reconnect with your dreams and your wishes of how you want to live your life, where you want to live your life. You’ll stop living in fear and start living in trust so that you can really start to say “hold on, I want to do this with my life.”

The next step on your journey is the 7-day initiation program which is going to be 20-30 minutes a day of video talks, and a little bit of homework and a little bit of practice to do. And, within that 7-day period you are going to feel the beginnings of the transformations of your life.

Each coaching session is 90 minutes.

During the coaching period there will be the opportunity to do some homework if you choose to want to do that, other than that all you have to do is show up. I will teach you some practices that will allow you to show up fully authentic and fully present.

There may be times where difficult situations arise outside of our sessions as a result of something you’ve chosen to do, or some homework you were set. Conflict is connection wanting to happen. If two people are in conflict it means in some ways they are both invested in that relationship. And if we can understand that, we can perhaps take a small moment to recognize that whatever is going on here is an attempt by two people to come into connection.I’m going to give you the tools that will allow you to navigate conflict as it arises in a way that’s more wholesome and healthy and karma than you have done before.

Yes. Change is absolutely guaranteed.

This isn’t the Vulnerability Olympics. It’s not necessary for you to share your deepest darkest secret with the person standing in front of you at the bus stop. What I’m going to offer you is the ability to choose, to recognize when you want to share something with somebody else. Somebody you feel safe with, and do it in a way that allows you and them to feel respected and honoured.

There are some principal practices to everything that I do and to all of the spaces that I hold. In one on one coaching, the first few minutes of the first session we’ll set out these core components that they are: confidentiality, which means everything that you say will stay within the room with me and you.

There are four cornerstones to a session, which is:

  • You’re in charge
  • Everything is confidential
  • We don’t push you to do anything that you don’t want to do
  • At the end of the session we close the session with you feeling wholesome and safe to leave.

So the space I hold is a space of confidentiality and absolute safety. You are the master of that experience. You share with me what you want whenever you want. If I notice there might be a belief that there’s something you’re not sharing I will merely point that out to you, with you not having to do anything other than to listen to what I point out.

The one to one coaching space is a space of safety and confidentiality. There is nothing you have to do in that space to accept and honour yourself. And I will be there to honour you too, and supporting you in confidentiality and in a non-judgemental space.

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